Judo In Schools Tajikistan

Name of program: Judo in Schools Number of schools: 10 Number of children: 1000 Founding year: 2020 Founder(s) program: IJF & Tajikistan Judo Federation

About the program

One of the most important components of this program is to strengthen the fundamentals of judo and the relevance of this sport. Thanks to the IJF Judo in Schools team, we began to work with lesson plans which are specifically developed for children of this age group in accordance to the international standard system.

As of now, there are 10 schools of the Republic of Tajikistan whom have received sets of tatami and judogi from the IJF, which we coordinated with the Ministry of Education, the Committee of Youth and Sports and the Judo Federation of Tajikistan. Thanks to the introduction of this program, we can provide tools and experience in a growing number of schools across the country and thus attract bigger number of children to this sport. Our team also believes that judo can contribute to developing children’s social as well as team building skills. We also consider it as an important fact that children practice this sport has the ability to learn about the positive effects of judo with their peers, as well as their parents.

To conclude, we trust that by incorporating the modern system of judo methods into schools’ curriculum in Tajikistan, our children will do better in their general school activities as their days at school will be more interactive. Judo will install important life skills to our children like discipline, respect and perseverance, what we believe to be fundamentals for success in life.


To set up judo classes in as many schools as possible in Tajikistan and to have judo as part of our school curriculum.

Support next to IJF  

  • National Olympic Committee


  • Judo as a lifestyle


  • Equipment
  • Judo within the school curriculum
  • Number of coaches

Best practices

  • Physical and Social development

Tajikistan has a long history of traditional wresting (gushtingiri), which is similar to judo. Because of this tradition, we are confident that there are countless children who are going to be interested in learning and practicing judo. Introducing judo into more schools will also be welcomed by many parents since it will be an opportunity to revive traditional sports which will definitely contribute not only to the physical fitness of children but their overall social development as well.

Note: Since we only started the programme recently, we are now in the process of attracting other stakeholders, including governmental and private partners so that we can reach our goal of having judo as part of the schools’ curriculum across the country.

"Judo is the right way in life"


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Contact person:

Shamirov Ramzi
Email address: [email protected]