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Judo for Children
The House of Happiness

Imagine yourself, in your forties, well established in your working life and you have a nice little family. ...

Judo for Peace
When Judo Inspires Generations of Judoka

The months of April and May were particularly busy for the Judo for Peace South Africa programme, which ...

Judo for Children
A Wind of Youth Blows Over the World Championships

The second day of the World Judo Championships Abu Dhabi 2024 saw a breath of youthful air blow through ...

Athlete's Story
When Reality is Brighter Than a Dream

As editors of the International Judo Federation, we have a duty to hide behind the stories we tell.

Children in Sport - Champions in Life

The conference ‘Children in Sport – Champions in Life’ took place today in the Croatian capital ...

Judo for Peace
For a Child's Smile

The Judo for Peace Southern Africa mission is coming to an end with the third and final visit to a refugee ...

Judo for Peace
A New Chapter Opens in Dzaleka

After five days in Zambia, the second leg of the IJF Judo for Peace tour in Southern Africa stopped in ...

Judo for Peace
You Must Have Seen It

To get to the Mayukwayukwa Refugee Settlement takes time, a long time, time which allows you to better ...

Judo for Peace
Mayukwayukwa Demonstrates that Everything is Possible

Imagine, you woke up at 2:30 a.m., then drove for more than six hours to get to your destination.

Judo in Schools
Judo Keeping Youngsters Focused at School

Tayside Judo in Scotland, in collaboration with Perth & Kinross Active Schools, has launched a comprehensive ...

Judo in Schools
Honduras Invests in Judo in Schools

In the long list of countries that have launched a Judo in Schools programme, Honduras is the latest ...

Judo for Peace South Africa
Good Results and Protection

Every month we give you information on the Judo for Peace South Africa programme, which for years has ...