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Judo for Children
Why Judo is Good for Your Children?

It almost seems obvious: judo is suitable and particularly recommended for children.

Judo in Schools
Judo in Schools in Vietnam: A Meaningful Programme

The Vietnam Judo Association (VJA) is fully engaged in developing judo in the country.

Judo for Children
Judo, a Catalyst for Moral and Emotional Development Among the Youth

Slavisa Bradic is a director of the IJF Military and Police Commission.

IJF Reaches New High on Minecraft: over 4,000,000 Downloads!

We are proud to announce that ‘The Mystery of the Kodokan’ and ’The Mystery of the Budokan’ have ...

Judo for Children
Judo Fights for Children's Rights

Like every year, the world will think a little more about its children than usual on the occasion of ...

The Magnificent Five in Judogi!

Harghita County is a region in the centre of Romania, in eastern Transylvania, with the county seat at ...

Judo for Peace
It's all About Inclusion and Non-Discrimination

The end of the year is already approaching as the Judo for Peace South Africa programme remains focused ...

Judo in Schools
Burkina Faso Launches IJF Judo in Schools

The IJF Judo in Schools programme was officially launched in Burkina Faso on 7th October in Zongo’s ...

Judo in Schools
Let's Do Judo!

Libya recently made the headlines following the catastrophic floods which devastated the country and ...

Judo in Schools
Grand Opening of the Saudi Judo in Schools Programme

Saudi Arabia has been very active in recent years developing judo in all sectors.

Judo in Schools
The Judo Values Reach Myanmar

The Myanmar Judo Federation has been working hard to develop their Judo in Schools programme and over ...

Zagreb GP
Getting Close to Our Heroes

Where in the world can we come close to the elite in a way that touches us, in a way that inspires us? ...