Every month we give you information on the Judo for Peace South Africa programme, which for years has offered judo activities to respond to the social problems faced by South African and refugee communities living in the region.

Funded by the International Judo Federation, in collaboration with UNHCR, the programme focuses on using judo and its values to be a platform for communities to meet, collaborate and contribute to improve social cohesion, promote gender equity protect the youth. JFPSA partners include Nike, Three2six, Future Families, Grassroots Soccer and Judo South Africa.

Once again there were numerous initiatives from JFPSA this month. Judoka participated in all the small local competitions as well as in national ranking events. In most of these competitions, the JFPSA team had amazing results. At the national event, even if the opposition was a bit tougher, the judoka trained by Roberto Orlando, came home with a few gold, silver and bronze medals, keeping in mind that in judo, we never lose, we either win or learn.

© Photos from Sonia Billson

The programme is not based on the practice of the sport only. Activities are held to help the community. As Gender-based violence (GBV) is a problem often witnessed, the JFPSA beneficiaries recently discovered the use of a special app. "In anything and everything we do, we learn not alone but as a team. Thus the team sat together and learned about a free App called Kwanele. If used properly it can save lives. This application is designed to work as a panic button for GBV victims," explained coach Robert. To learn more about the App visit: https://kwanelesouthafrica.org

Today JFPSA has 6 dojos, mainly operating in the Johannesburg area, and 10 schools where judo is offered to the pupils. With the values carried out by judo, the world can become a better place, this is what Judo for Peace South Africa does everyday.

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