Judo opens its doors in Minecraft
Play and discover The Mystery of The Budokan - An innovative gaming experience
The educational experience is now live on the Minecraft: Education Edition platform!
Complete all eight quests and become a champion in life.
How to play?
The Mystery of the Budokan Education Edition is free accessible for all teachers, educators and students who have access to the educational platform. Educators in more than 150 countries use Minecraft across the curriculum.
Learn more: education.minecraft.net
About Judocraft
The International Judo Federation, in close corporation with the AJJF, introduce new generations to judo by opening its doors in one of the most popular videogames in the world: Minecraft. This is the first time an International sports federation is present in Minecraft.
Together with the judo and Minecraft communities, we are celebrating the return of judo to the Budokan Stadium. ‘The Mystery of The Budokan’ is an educational experience by IJF to reach new judo generations. And is now live for teachers, educators and students who have access to the Minecraft: Education Edition platform. This experience helps children to challenge themselves, work together with others, and learn about respect and friendship in classrooms worldwide. Watch the video below if you are an educator or teacher and want to know more about how to use this world during class.
Do not worry if you are a Minecraft player who does not have access to the educational platform. The map will also be featured for free on the Minecraft Marketplace at the beginning of October.
Please contact us if you want to know more about this campaign or if you have any additional questions

These maps have been created by @thecommonpeople and @AevaNetwork on Twitter.