The first day of competition at the Paris Grand Slam 2024 offered the opportunity for the International Judo Federation and the International School Sport Federation to renew their long time partnership. The IJF, represented by Secretary General Dr Lisa Allan and the ISF, represented by President Laurent Petrynka, signed a new memorandum of understanding.

Dr Lisa Allan declared, "In the name of the IJF president, Mr Marius Vizer, I am happy to sign today this memorandum of understanding between our two organisations. As you know, judo is an educational sport and nothing could be more obvious than to partner with your organisation, Mr Petrynka, an organisation that takes care of young people. The IJF is committed to developing the sport and education throughout the world."

Laurent Petrynka said, "Sport at school is the most important thing and together we can do a lot. This is an historic signature which is the continuation of what has been undertaken for many years. As the ISF arrives in Lausanne, there is a technical dimension in working together but there is also a strong message attached to it. Sport at school, that counts. This is crucial for the youth from all over the world. When our society and especially our youth is affected by obesity, harassment and many addictions, we need to give the signal that with sport we have a powerful tool to offer our people the chance to feel better and live in a better society."

The IJF and the ISF have been working together already for many years. Today's signature guarantees that this co-operation will continue and that it will benefit the youth.

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