A World Judo Tour event is a celebration of judo, a festival of beautiful techniques, commitment and concentration. There is action, suspense and great stories. The scenario never leaves one indifferent; it is even worthy of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters and often way better, perhaps because nothing is written in advance and anything can happen.

If the scenario is not known, the heroes are and there are many of them. In each weight category, it is possible to identify with someone, because you like their story or their journey but above all because you admire their technique, their tactical sense or their fighting spirit. You can also witness in real life the values of judo.

These heroes make us dream, they give us goosebumps. It's like you want to support them, carry them at arm's length, shout from the stands when they are in difficulty and shout enthusiastic cheers when they win.

In the stands actually, there is always a magical atmosphere, made of fervour and passion and in the stands precisely, all these heroes who you thought were inaccessible, suddenly become your best friends. They are there, sitting among you, relaxed and smiling, simply accessible.

For all these reasons and many more, we love seeing children among judo fans. Everyone will tell you, attending a world circuit event is spending an extraordinary timeless moment, it is witnessing live this blockbuster that we were talking about. It is also the best source of inspiration if one day, more or less distant, your children dream of becoming world champions or Olympic champions.

So above all, don't hesitate, come with your children to attend judo competitions, lead them to experience the indescribable, give them a dream, that's all they need. We love it!

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