Judo In Schools Estonia

Name of program: Judo Koolis Number of schools: 11 Number of children: 250 Founding year: 2015 Founder(s) program: IJF and Estonia judo Federation

About the program

Our program started in 2015. To set up a program like this is hard in Estonia, but we are happy to take baby steps. Some schools welcomed us with open arms and we are still active in those schools by teaching children judo and its values. We are slowly building the program and hopefully our dream of having a better established judo lessons in school program will come true.


Try to get judo added as one of the lessons in the national school program


  • Active lifestyle
  • No to bullying
  • Lifelong education


  • Cooperation with schools
  • Cooperation with government
  • Funding

Best practices

  • Lifelong education

Children do not only learn judo skills but also learn about judo ethics and code of conducts, which they will be able to implement and use throughout their life whilst giving back to the community.

  • No to bullying

Throughout this project, children learn about respect in general and how to respect each other also, which then reduces the element of bullying in school environment.

Judo does not only develop physical strength but also intelligence and nobility. It is a creative way for self-improvement. A beginner and also a skilled judoka both have to be consistent, modest and respectful towards other people. These are the values that we give to our students.
Sensei Toni Eylandt

If you are interested to know more about Judo in Schools in Estonia, please contact:

Contact person:

Elis Pōhjala
Email address: [email protected]