Judo In Schools Poland

Name of program: JUDO IN SCHOOLS Number of schools: 17 Number of children: Almost 1000 Founding year: 2018 Founder(s) program: IJF, Polish Judo Association, Ministry of Sport

About the program

This program in Poland started in September 2019. 17 schools across 12 regions are involved in this project with further high demand. The International Judo Federation supported us with judo equipment (tatamis and judogis) which allowed this project to explore and grow faster. Judo is very, very popular in Poland and its popularity grows fast. Judo has become popular for entire families. The ambassador of the judo in school program in Poland is Atlanta 1996 Olympic medallist, Aneta Szczepańska.


In the long term, our dream is to be able to follow up and spread this program in each of the municipalities of the country.

Additional support next to IJF  

Ministry of sport


  • Physical improvement
  • Improved emotional skills
  • Safe school environment


  • Long term collaboration with schools
  • Child development
  • Respect

Best practices

  • Ukemi Judo

We regulated teaching breakfall techniques (Ukemi Judo) appropriately in schools since 2017 with the idea of falling and avoiding getting injured. It’s a pilot program, implemented by the Polish Judo Union in association with Ministry of Sport .

The program was created in schools based on observations of children’s behaviour during PE lessons as well as playing during breaks and in various gaps out of school activities ( ball games, cycling, roller-skating, skateboarding etc.). We know perfectly well that falls are associated with each of these forms of activity. The ability to fall safe is part of the entire judo training system but also involves many other sports that children practise – team games, winter sports, cycling, roller-skating, fashionable horse riding and of course martial arts. Learning how to fall correctly, allows to avoid or minimise injuries. We advance this to fully extended judo classes delivered by this project.

  • Social and Physical Developments

By this project we are able to build self-confidence, courage, regularity, team work and respect for others amongst our pupils. Moreover, it allows us to support their versatile psychomotor development such as habit of movement and healthy lifestyle whilst targeting aggression.

  • Knowledge of Judo

This project allows us to promote judo and increase the interest in judo as a sport. Whilst gaining the kindness of self-government organisation and school head-teachers we also make sure they understand what is thought at their educational institutes, aka what is judo all about. This allows us to be consistent with our judo sessions. As the results of these nurtured relationships, some schools supporting us with gyms and equipment to continue the judo training.

"Respect, Friendship, Immunity.”

If you are interested to know more about Judo in Schools in Poland, please contact:

Contact person:

Piotr Karolkowski
Email address: [email protected]