Judo In Schools Kazakhstan

Name of program: Judo in Schools Number of schools: 20 Number of children: 988 Founding year: 2019 Founder(s) program: IJF & Zhitkeyev Askhat (General Secretary of Kazakhstan Judo Federation), Kulibaye Timur(President of NOC Kazakhstan)

About The Program

The “Judo for Children” project in Kazakhstan began in September 2019. Judo classes are held in schools and government agencies in agreement with national and local authorities. By participating in this program, primary school children acquire physical and social skills in judo classes. Our program is aimed at popularizing judo in schools, and the main objective was to develop, educate and teach judo/judo values ​​for children through games.


The main goal is to officially introduce judo into the education system as part of the school curriculum of Kazakhstan. Establishment of conditions for creating a sports environment, organization of an innovative system of physical education and sports education through the implementation of the project "Judo in schools


  • The popularization of judo
  • Reduce/Avoid violence
  • New opportunities for children

Best practices

  • Development of interaction for all ages

Judo for everyone. Children learn judo and wrestling skills through outdoor games with elements of judo. During this learning process, they learn to help each other and interact with each other, which allows to develop relevant skills.

  • A different view

Children involved in "Judo in Schools" have another point of contact, a different view. This helps them with an additional set of skills and helps to act in a team environment differently. Giving a diverse, unique additional sporting option also helps us to increased awareness and dissemination of judo in the local community and further our chances to collaborate with them.

  • Knowledge for teachers

The supervisors of the students are in judo classes with their students. This gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and history of judo together with their students. At this point, teachers can take a break from their work environment yet being introduced to another set of knowledge and have a deeper understanding on what their students are involved in.

Judo is breathtaking. It is beautiful and spectacular. Judo aesthetics and sophisticated techniques are capable of captivating anyone. Once you plunge into judo, you will love this sport for life

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Azhara Galymzhan
Email address: [email protected]