Judo In Schools Hungary

Name of thge program: IJF Reference Schools I.- II. This was the project launched with IJF. After this success we launched other projects that we associate with Judo in Schools, such as: Mini judo, Sport is yours, Trainers/Coaches At school, the art Of Falling/Ukemi. Number of schools: 348 Number of children: 3050 (between 7-14 years old) Founding year: 2014 Founder(s): IJF & Hungarian Judo Association

About the program

One of the most important pillars of our sports development program is to strengthen the judo basis and improve the quality number of athletes. Thanks to the young athletes programme, we have enjoyed a significant increase in that over the last 6 years. We also consider it important for children to experience that sport and get acquainted with the positive effects of judo with their parents.

Due to introduction of school programmes, we are able to provide tools and expertise in more and more schools throughout the country. At present, 348 schools are benefited with packs containing tatami and judogi. We are operating across 109. Within the framework of Mini Judo Programme, physical education teachers are trained as well. As per the Coaches at School, IJF Judo for School and Sport is yours programs, registered coaches cooperated with schools to promote our sport during afternoon sessions and classes among primary school children.

Based on an agreement signed in 2016, we are launching a new program. The Hungarian Judo Association and Hungarian Student Sport Association seek to promote judo sport to appear a more influential sport in education, especially in physical education. This programme called The Art of Falling; which includes the preparation of all alternative framework regarding planning, accreditation and implementation of the related pedagogical training for 1000 physical education teachers. This project has started in 2018 and it will continue till the end of 2020.


Our dream is to reach 500 schools and at least 5000 children.

Support next to IJF

  • The Hungarian Government


  • Improve physical skills
  • Improve emotional skills
  • Safe school environment


  • Year-round program
  • Costs logistics
  • Long term collaboration with schools

Best practices

  • From school to clubs.

We want to make a cooperation, a relationship between schools and judo clubs. We are the connecting link. We are the official background of the clubs and also we have the opportunity as a civil organization to communicate with other government organization like the Ministry of Education. Judo coaches can easily increase the number of judokas if they have fixed places in schools. Our programs for the teachers make them more informed about judo. They can tell the benefits of judo to the headmaster of the school.

“In our school the Mini Judo Program is still running successfully. We use the tatamis and equipment all the time. Teaching of judo also appears in the regional pedagogical program. We organise presenters concerning the whole school and our sport club partner where we can make judo more popular for children. In this school year, we implemented successfully our judo presenter, a playful contest and an exam of ukemi with our students. We will continue to strive for more children to choose this sport and to continue competitively in the future. We hope that as a result of the preparation process, we would like to finish our most prepared students with a belt exam in the spring.”
Pecsi Zsuzsanna and Rabcsanszki Jozsef, P.E. teachers from the city of Szeged
Schools 36
Children 986


If you are interested to know more about Judo in Schools in Hungary, please contact the project manager:

Contact person:

Margareta Bacsu
Email address: [email protected]