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Erasmus: SchoolJudo.EU
The Pilot Countries, Part 2: Slovenia, continued…

Recently we spoke with Saso Sindic of the IJF Judo for Children Commission, about his role in Mala Sola ...

IJF SchoolJudo.EU
The Pilot Countries, Part 2: Slovenia

In terms of judo for school children, Slovenia offers much to think about.

Erasmus: World Judo Day

Every year on 28th October the world’s judo community comes together to celebrate World Judo Day and ...

Erasmus Update
Erasmus SchoolJudo.EU: Academic and Practical

To create and establish a new educational programme or training course that is both academic and practical ...

Judo in Schools
Erasmus SchoolJudo.EU to Create a Better Society

Giving judo lessons in schools and passing your experiences to a future generation tells us that judo ...

Judo Celebrates Peace

Every year, since 1981, on 21st September, the international community celebrates the International Day ...

Bringing the Values of Judo to Classrooms Worldwide with Minecraft: Education Edition

Building a Better World Through the Power of Virtual Play.

ISF and Judo Team up for the First U15 World School Sport Games

The ISF (International School Sport Federation) u15 World School Sports Games, in Belgrade, Serbia, taking ...

Why Judo?
Lara’s View

Lara is ten years old and lives in west London. She became a judoka some 18 months before the pandemic ...

The Pilot Countries, Part 1: Italy

The ripple effect is still being assessed and measured, even discovered, from the pandemic that continues ...

A Champion, a Book, a Lesson in Life

Clarisse Agbegnenou is more than a name in the statistics of international judo.

Judo for Children
IJF World Teaching Tour: Koka Kids Judo Books for All Ages and Levels

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world or how different we are, in judo we speak the same language. ...