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Judo in Schools
Schooljudo Causes Less Social Anxiety Among Young People

The Dutch 'Schooljudo' programme, initiated by Ruben Houkes (2007 world champion and Olympic medalist) ...

New challenges
JudoFit Kids Golden League: The Way is Infinite

Today is Thursday and Thursday means that it is the 'New Challenge Day.

JudoFit Kids Golden League: Are You Ready?

If you are under 14 years old and you love judo, this is for you.

Judo in Schools
The Passion to Change the World

Cornelius Matthyser, known as Stompie, was born in South Africa.

Being a Judoka Against All Odds

As South Africa approaches its 25th day of strict lockdown, Johannesburg’s roads are strangely deserted, ...

Great 8 Contest Check-In

Only one week has passed since we launched our GREAT 8 values illustration contest, and it has been met ...

Judo for Children
The Great 8: The Judo Values keep us Strong and Safe

We are facing difficult times as the world is being tested with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Judo in Schools
First Steps in Jordan

In September 2019, the Jordan Judo Federation embarked on the adventure of ‘Judo in Schools’, joining ...

Judo in Schools
In Saudi Arabia, Youth is the Future

At the end of 2018, the President of the International Judo Federation, Mr Marius L.

Judo for Peace
Breaking all Barriers

While everyone had their eyes fixed on the tatami of the Accord Arena, on 8th and 9th February, for the ...


It was 13.54 in Paris, when Marius Vizer and Jean Paul Carteron stamped their signatures to join forces ...

Scientific Research
Investigation of the effects of judo on health, social skills and academic performance

For many years the International Judo Federation has been promoting the values of judo.