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Rules of the dojo

The dojo is a place of study, work and exchange. An attitude of seriousness and respect is necessary to progress. Every judoka must mind the following recommendations that condition the well-being of everyone.

“Alone we go faster but together we go further!


  • Protection of the room by upholstering obstacles of all kinds (angles, radiators, etc.) located at a distance of less than 1 meter from the tatami and this, on the height of 1.5 meters from the ground.
  • Protective materials must meet the standards of safety by the IJF.


  • Existence of a medical first help kit for first help and care in case of accident.
  • Existence of a telephone - emergency numbers.

The schools

  • Sanitary equipment.
  • Hygiene and maintenance of the mats.
  • The surface of the tatami must be clean and without scratch.
  • Blood stains should be cleaned and disinfected (do not use product based on chlore).
  • Temperatures – minimum 14°, 18°.
  • Wall mirrors allowed at a minimum distance of 1 meter from the edge of the tatami.
  • Windows/mirrors located less than 1m from the edge of the mats must be protected.

No activity on the mats without a teacher present! (for security reasons).

According to the judo values

Respect of the places

The arrival and departure of the dojo are marked by salvation. It is good to say goodbye whenever you go up or down the tatami. The dojo will be left in order and in the highest state of cleanliness (including cloakrooms and toilets).

Respect for people

At the beginning and at the end of the session, students and teachers greet each other (zarei). You must greet your partner before each exercise. The teacher’s permission is required to leave the tatami.

Mutual help and solidarity

The most senior have the duty to help the less advanced. It is important to listen to their advice carefully. We must help our partners to progress and not be for them a cause of discomfort or inconvenience. Judo is not a collective sport; it is a collective spirit.


It is important to behave with discretion and therefore not to speak out loud. When one does not practice, one must be attentive to the teaching given. It is appropriate to undress only in the locker room.

Punctuality and assiduction

It is necessary to be punctual and to respect the schedules of beginning and end of course, if one is late, he is courteous to apologize to the professor and to wait for his approval before getting on the mat. Perseverance and diligence are necessary for any serious progress.


To have a body and clean clothes is to respect and respect others. Nails should be clean and cut short. Do not walk barefoot off the mat. A healthy lifestyle is necessary for the harmony of the human being.


Courtesy and conviviality favour the emergence of privileged friendships. Which is one of the goals of judo.

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