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Annual program

The program given in the school needs to employ a continuous learning philosophy where children learn about the judo and its values. When making a program for judo in schools there are several things to consider like: the age of the children, the duration of the program, the number of classes per week and the (special) needs of the children. The goal is to have an appropriate annual program for every group, ranging from 4 to 12 years old.

What will be in the program?

The moral code is the most essential element of the program. The DNA of judo conveys fundamental values that intertwine to build a moral compass. The respect of this code is the the basis and essence when practicing judo.

You can choose to put an emphasis on one specific value per year, per cycle or during class.

Self control is a form of courage. Politeness, sincerity and modesty are forms of respect for others. Honour is a form of self-respect.

The program is not meant to be introducing judo only. It’s meant to teach children physical, mental and social/emotional skills that they will be able to keep using the rest of their lives. That’s why we created guidelines for every age category of what to teach. You can use these guidelines when creating your program.

The first step in creating a program is establishing a main goal. What do you want the children to learn, considering physical, mental and social/emotional skills?

To get to your main goal you need to establish different steps to achieve it. These will be your cycle goals. Breaking it down into smaller steps will allow you to evaluate and be more flexible with the children and the school to adapt the program when necessary.

Bellow you can find an example of annual program: