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Starting situation The children are in front of each other, on their knees, facing in the same direction. The child in front holds one of the arms of the other, like in an ippon seoi nage.
Description 1. The child carefully throws the other over their shoulder.
2. After the throw, the children automatically change position.
3. Slowly they will move from one side of the tatami to another.
Security rules/tips Ask the children to throw the other very carefully, to make sure they are able to do a good ukemi.
Variations of the exercise -
Teachers tips/comments You can ask the children to change partners each time they crossed the tatami.


Age from 4
Age to 12
Materials -
Format Duo
Skills Judo technique
Judo techniques Ippon seoi nage


Even if a child is very eager to throw, ask them to be careful with their partner. Let the child ask their partner to give a grade from 1-10 for how hard they want to be thrown. Let them know that if the partner says '1', it's very important to control yourself and throw very carefully to not hurt the other.


Netherlands Esther Stam



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