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Starting situation Both judoka are facing each other and have classic kumi kata grip. There is a belt between them, forming a circle.
Description After hajime one tries to pull the other in the circle.
As soon as this happens, they score one point.
At the end of the game they need to count the points.
They throw the other child as many times as they have points. So, each point is one throw.
Security rules/tips Make sure all duos are spread over the tatami. Ask the children to take care with the other if there is a big strength difference.
Variations of the exercise -
Teachers tips/comments The game is about pulling the partner, but also the children learn to have a good posture practice. Later they will learn in judo randori, that they need to pull the partner to secure not falling.


Age from 6
Age to 12
Materials Judobelt
Format Duo
Skills Judo technique, General motor skills
Judo techniques Tokui waza


Let the winner of the most points congratulate the other, because he/she played well.


Netherlands Judo Zutphen



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