Starting situation The children form groups of 3. Each child is given a number (1,2,3). Number 1 starts in the middle, number 2 and 3 are in opposite sides of the middle person.
Description The child in the middle (number 1) runs to number 2 and throws him/her in a judo technique; After that number 1 runs to number 3 and does the same thing; You can repeat as much as required; Change positions, now number 2 is in the middle.
Security rules/tips The children have to try to control the fall of the partner and always hold on to the sleeve.
Variations of the exercise Change the kumi kata, the child has to make a different throw; If they threw right handed, now they can throw left handed; After number 1 throws number 2, he has to make a form of ukemi on his way to number 3; You can change the way to the partner. Instead of running to the partner, the children have to move like animals (e.g. move like a dog, snake, crocodile, etc.).
Teachers tips/comments Remind the children the importance of holding the sleeve of the partner during the fall in order to avoid injuries; Explain that it’s really not only about speed, but also about improving their tokui waza.


Age from 9
Age to 12
Materials -
Format Duo, Group
Skills Judo technique
Judo techniques Tokui waza


If the children get tired, tell them that if they keep going they are really brave and have courage. Also, if their technique is not perfect, they have courage if they always keep trying.
Ask the partners to help their friend by giving tips to improve the throwing technique. If they help each other, they will both get better at judo.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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