Starting situation Two children face each other. Each child is holding one end of the belt. In between them lies another belt or is the line of the tatami.
Description The children try to pull each other over the line of the belt or tatami; At the same time, they try to let their opponent lose the grip of the belt; The one that achieves either one of these things, has one point.
Security rules/tips -
Variations of the exercise Instead of one belt, the children can hold two belts. In each hand will be one tip of a belt; When the children start to learn rotation and dodge movements, instead of using a belt as a line, you can also select an area (1 or 2 mats). Now, the children have to try to pull and push each other out of the area; When they are advanced, you can let the children use tachi waza techniques in this game.
Teachers tips/comments Pay attention in the counting of the points. When you change partners, you will be able to choose more equilibrate groups. For example, put two children together that scored a lot of points.


Age from 4
Age to 12
Materials -
Format Duo
Skills Judo technique, General motor skills
Judo techniques -


Let them bow before the game and wish each other luck and tell the others they will not cheat. After the game, let them bow again and wish the other luck for the next game.
Ask all the children that won the game to congratulate the others. They also did their best and tried hard.
If a child is winning all the time with a lot of points, ask him to help the other by giving tips. Because friends help each other to get better.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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