Starting situation The judoka will stand on one side of the mat, waiting for the teacher to give them the assignment.
Description The children cross the mat as told, for example crawling, skipping, hooping, running, etc.; The teacher asks the judoka to cross the mat like a bird, a snake, a gorilla, etc.
Security rules/tips Make sure the children watch where they are going and look out for the other children to avoid collisions.
Variations of the exercise You can ask the children to form an animal with a partner.
Teachers tips/comments Ask the children to come up with new animals. You can also ask the children to add an emotion. For example a scared mouse, an angry lion, etc.


Age from 4
Age to 8
Materials -
Format Individual, Duo
Skills General motor skills
Judo techniques -


Ask the children to wait on the side until the next assignment. Even if they are excited, it would make you proud if they can control themselves and wait until their friends are finished too.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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