We are facing difficult times as the world is being tested with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Although we may be physically separated, it is more important now than ever to stay united and show solidarity. This period of uncertainty makes us realize what is really important in life: Staying strong and healthy and taking care of each other. By sticking to our values, we are able to survive and stay positive through all adversity.

For decades, judo has been teaching us several of these important life values. These values are present in each judo lesson all around the world, where we learn and teach our judo community about Courage, Respect, Modesty, Friendship, Honour, Sincerity, Self-control and Politeness.

Let the values of our sport inspire you to stay strong and positive!

Courage: Doing what is right

Be brave and have the courage to face every situation. We are facing hard times, but we need to believe in a good outcome and not panic. We will defeat this virus, no matter how big it is and how long it takes, because we are united.

Respect: Without respect there is no trust

Respect the environment and the people around you. Respect the advice of your Nation and Leaders, and trust that they are doing their best in an unprecedented situation. Do not shake hands, hug or kiss people. Keep your distances and strict hygiene rules. Wash your hands all the time. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones in order to protect the world. Respect others with our judo custom: bowing from a distance.

Sincerity: To seek the truth and express honestly

Be honest with yourself and with others. If you feel sick, or have any symptoms, or if you were recently in a place or country that makes it likely that you were exposed to the virus, speak up. Take the necessary precautions for the interest of everyone around you.

Self-control: To have power over yourself and your greatest challenges

In this moment of uncertainty, keep calm and think before you act. Falling out of a normal routine is difficult, but with self-control you can keep your mind positive and the people around you secure. The more self-control you have, the less mistakes you will make, the safer we will all be.

Politeness: Our greatness comes from how we treat others

Protect everyone, especially the older generations, and keep them safe. Be polite and generous with people. Share basic products, and put the needs of others before your own. Today you arrived first, tomorrow maybe you will arrive last. Courtesy is free, so lets share it!

Friendship: It’s the purest human feeling

Because we are all in this together. We are all different, from different countries, have different cultures and different backgrounds, but we are all facing the same threat. We are all equal. Help each other as much as you can and treat everybody as you would treat yourself and as you would love to be.

Modesty: We are more than ourselves

In fighting the coronavirus, each one of us is a champion. Together we are strong. Each person on this planet contributes to a better future for all of us in these difficult moments. Stop and think about all these people around you who are contributing to a better, healthier world. Take a moment to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication.

Honour: Be true to your word and your principles

Even in adversity, we must stick to our values. When all of this will be finished, let’s rise up again, continue our lives with strong and healthy spirits. Soon, we will celebrate, fill in the stadiums and watch the biggest sporting event of the world: The Olympic Games.

Always remember, that the strongest mottos of judo are: ‘Mutual aid and benefit’ and ‘Maximum efficiency’. Today’s global situation makes it clear, now than ever, that we need to apply these principles every day. Only then will we find our ‘DO’ (way) in these difficult moments. Let’s work together and bring our values to life.

Our Judo values will help keep us strong and push us through these tough times. Stay tuned for an upcoming contest for children, incorporating the judo values!

Contest will be announced on APRIL 6th, subject to coronavirus developments.

Contributors: Nicolas Messner, Grace Goulding, Attila Ungvari, Joana Ramos, Andor Szőke, Esther Stam, Lili Krizsàn, Iulian Pena.

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