We are proud to announce that ‘The Mystery of the Kodokan’ and ’The Mystery of the Budokan’ have been downloaded over 4,000,000 times. Through these educational Minecraft experiences children all over the world can embark on a unique adventure and learn about the core values of judo.

In the first release, ‘The Mystery of the Budokan,’ we celebrated the return of the Olympic Games to Tokyo (2021) after 57 years, where the judo tournament was held in the iconic Budokan stadium. Over 2.6 million unique players have visited this world. Building on that success, we released ‘The Mystery of the Kodokan,’ a brand new Minecraft adventure that takes the player to the birthplace of judo. This world was released in October 2022 and has already been visited by over 1.4 million unique players. This means that in total the IJF Minecraft worlds have been downloaded over 4,000,000 times; an incredible achievement!

With these Minecraft worlds we have offered judo education to millions of children worldwide, on the values of judo, through gaming. This is not only happening via the marketplace, but also through the Minecraft Education Edition. Teachers, educators and students worldwide, who have access to this education platform, have been able to download the map for free use in their classrooms. The IJF is the first federation in history to work with this platform.

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games in history. One of the biggest reasons for its success is the degree of creativity and freedom that is given to the user. The power of Minecraft lies in the creations of the players and we, as the International Judo Federation, are proud to be one of them.

The Mystery of the Budokan and The Mystery of the Kodokan are available for free download on the Minecraft Market.

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