If the World Judo Tour is about to start again with the Portuguese Grand Prix, to be held from 27th to 29th January 2023 in Almada in the Lisbon region, the judo planet does not stop at those athletes of the circuit. The schedule is now getting back to full swing for all judoka from the five continents, whether they are competitors or not.

Among our large judo family, children hold a special place. At a minimum, the youngest represent the bulk of the troops, but in reality, our judoka children represent the future of our discipline. That's why, in March 2021 we launched an Instagram account dedicated to our youth (@judogallerykids). Adapted and diverse content is offered by our communications and education teams. To date, nearly 300 publications have been made and we do not intend to stop there. Above all, we are happy to see how active the online community is. Never hesitate to share your activities with us; we will be happy to share them. We have also launched a new Minecraft Digital Judo Experience and there is more to come soon.

Staying in touch through social media is important, especially when we remember the period of lockdown that we all experienced a couple years ago and which forced us to stay locked up. This is now a thing of the past and we are very happy about it. This is why, during the events of the World Judo Tour, we also offer more and more activities for young people.

Muhammed Shahverdili vs Saeid Mollaei

From autograph sessions with the champions to entertainment in the stadium corridors, children can not only enjoy the show offered by our champions but also have fun and learn more about judo. Coming to live the experience of international judo is priceless. The emotions generated something special to offer to our children. And with a bit of luck, some of the children may even step on the tatami and face their heroes. Ask 8 year old Muhammed Shahverdili, who faced Saeid Mollaei in Baku in 2022.

Moreover, in 2023, the theme chosen for World Judo Day is not insignificant: BRING A FRIEND! We will come back to this but already get ready to invite your friends to join you on the tatami. It goes without saying that this applies to the entire judo population and therefore to all age groups.

From virtual social networks to the excitement of the World Judo Tour, let's not forget that judo is practised among friends, in a dojo, under the guidance of a teacher, whose knowledge and pedagogical approach make it possible to create the conditions for a fairer and more respectful society. The task is immense and in the years to come we will continue to tackle it because more than ever we have the duty to offer a better future to our youth.

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