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Starting situation Both children sit next to each other on their knees. They each have the opposite arm over the back of the other (so one the right arm, the other the left arm).
Description 1. When the teacher says 'Hajime' each child tries to catch the other judoka and push him/her down on her back.
2. After 30 seconds, the children have to change positions. So has the arm on the top, the other on the back.
Security rules/tips Make sure the children don't put the arm around the neck of the other. By the rules for children, it's forbidden to grab around the neck before a certain age.
Variations of the exercise -
Teachers tips/comments Pay attention in the counting of the points. When you change partners, you will be able to choose more equilibrate groups. For example, put two children together that scored a lot of points.


Age from 9
Age to 12
Materials -
Format Duo
Skills Judo technique
Judo techniques Osaekomi waza Kesa Katame


Ask all the children that won the game to congratulate the others. They also did their best and tried hard.
If a child is winning all the time with a lot of points, ask him to help the other by giving tips. Because friends help each other to get better.


Netherlands Esther Stam



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