Starting situation The children are sitting down next to each other, forming a line. Each time you call a name, they get up, take a hoop and find a place on the tatami. From now on, this is a rabbit house (each hoop). Each child (rabbit) will have their own house (hoop) when the game starts.
Description The teacher explains that when he says hajime, each rabbit has to walk into the forest to find carrots. But in the forest, there are dangers!; There is a big wolf that likes to take the rabbits to his house and cook them for diner; When the teacher says: “There is the wolf!”, the rabbits need to run to a house as fast as possible and form a ball of their bodies to protect themselves; No noise is aloud and no heads go up, because the wolf is still in the forest, trying to find some rabbits for diner; After some seconds you ask one of the rabbits to get up and check with binoculars (which you can form with your hands) if the wolf is gone. If so, they can start moving again in the forest; The teacher will remove some hoops during the game, so each time there will be
one or more children finishing without a house, they are eliminated and have to sit down in the wolf house; If there are two children inside one hoop, the one that arrived later is eliminated; In the end there will only be one hoop left for one child, he will be the winner of the game.
Security rules/tips When they run, tell them to be careful not to bump into each other. They must look in front and when they run into the hoop, they have to pay attention to their friends.
Variations of the exercise You can change the way the children are moving over the tatami, running, on their back, lateral, etc.
Teachers tips/comments You can take or put as many hoops as you want; You can play with the animals. E.g. when a butter y is coming, nothing happens. Only when the wolf is coming they need to turn back to their house; You can let the children put their hands on their heads, like rabbit ears.


Age from 4
Age to 5
Materials Hoops
Format Group
Skills General motor skills
Judo techniques -


If they arrive in the hoop with someone else, ask each child to say who arrived first. Ask them to be honest about it. If they won’t cooperate, they will both be eliminated. Explain to them that it’s always better to be honest, because then at least one friend stays in the game.
Even if a child is really excited, they still have to stay in control of themselves and watch out for the other children. If they don’t focus and keep themselves under control, there might be clashes.
Ask the children to congratulate the winner if he won. Also, if the children played very well, you can tell them to compliment each other. See also the thumbs feedback method for this.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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