Starting situation The children are in duos. One lies on the stomach or is on hands and knees. The other child is on his knees, sitting beside the partner.
Description The child that is on the knees tries to turn the partner on their back; When the child succeeds, change roles. After trying for 30 seconds, also change.
Security rules/tips It’s forbidden to touch the face or the neck; They are only aloud to grab the opponent in the area of the stomach and chest.
Variations of the exercise If the children already know some ne waza techniques, you can advise them and give them themes. For example, now you need to do yoko shiho gatame.
Teachers tips/comments Remind the children the security rules more than once during the game; Don’t allow the younger children to do techniques that involve grabbing the other around the neck; Remind the children that more important than winning is following the rules.


Age from 4
Age to 12
Materials -
Format Duo
Skills Judo technique
Judo techniques Osae komi waza


Even if the children don’t succeed after 30 seconds, explain that they were just a bit less lucky. If they have courage and keep trying, they will be more lucky next time.
Let the children that are successful not just cheer, but also thank their partners and give them tips.
Even when the children become very excited, tell them they need to control themselves and stick to the rules. If they don’t succeed it’s ok, they can just try again in the next round. More important than winning, is following the rules.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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