Starting situation The cooker will be on his knees. The sausage will lay down in front of him on his back (imagine ready to grip a yoko shiho gatame).
Description Imagination for the kids: You can ask the cooker to add some salt and other ingredients, they can do that with their hands; After that, the cooker needs to look behind to see where the fork and knife are to eat the sausage; At that moment, the sausage becomes a magical sausage and will start rolling away to not be eaten; The cooker will chase the sausage and try to grab it to eat it.
Security rules/tips It’s important to be clear in your directions and explain the role of the child clearly; When the cooker is eating the sausage, be clear that they cannot grab the sausage in the neck or head, only in the chest and stomach area.
Variations of the exercise If the children already know some techniques of ne waza you can advise them and give them themes. E.g – now you need to try to do yoko shiho gatame or continue to a randori in ne waza if you achieve to catch the sausage.
Teachers tips/comments Remind the children the security rules more than once during the game; Don’t allow techniques that involve grabbing around the neck.


Age from 4
Age to 5
Materials -
Format Duo
Skills Judo technique, General motor skills
Judo techniques Yoko shiho gatame


Ask the cookers to make sure they don’t hurt the sausages. Even if they are very excited, ask them to only grab in stomach and chest area. The game is only fun for both of them if they respect the rules.
You can ask the cookers to promise not to hurt the sausages. If it goes wrong, you can take the duo aside and explain that the they cannot trust each other if they don’t keep their promise. Only if they trust each other the game is fun for both of them.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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