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Starting situation Both judoka are facing each other and have classic kumi kata grip. There is a belt between them.
Description After hajime the children each try to sit on the belt, by pushing the other out of the way. If they manage to sit down, they receive a point.
Security rules/tips Make sure all duos are spread over the tatami. Ask the children to take care with the other if there is a big strength difference. Watch out for head collisions.
Variations of the exercise -
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Age from 6
Age to 12
Materials Judobelt
Format Duo
Skills General motor skills
Judo techniques -


Ask the children after the game how much points they have. Ask them to be honest about their points. If the lie about it, they will lose points for the Red Belt Method.
The children can be happy that they won, but also have to be modest. They can do this by congratulating their partners for playing well. Ask the winners to give their partner a tip for the next round.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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