Starting situation All the children form a big circle and jog or sit in their place.
Description 1. The teacher asks a judo related question. I.e. "Who is the founder?", "Where was judo founded?", "What does randori mean?", etc.
2. Every correct answer gives them points. You can use that for the red belt method, in the end of the class.
3. The children can choose to help their buddies and give them some tips on the correct answer.
Security rules/tips -
Variations of the exercise You can turn this game in a warming-up game in the beginning or a back to calm game in the end of the lesson. As warming up game, the children are jogging in their place. When they have a correct answer they can keep jogging, but if they have a wrong answer, they have to do push-ups or another exercise chosen by the teacher. As a back to calm game, you can let the children sit in a circle.
Teachers tips/comments - Remind the children that helping their buddies with some tips, might give them more points for the red belt method than answering themselves. - For the younger children (4-5-6), always try to tell a story about the judo history involving characters.


Age from 4
Age to 12
Materials -
Format Group
Skills Judo technique
Judo techniques Mitori Geiko, general judo knowledge


Even if a child gives the wrong answer, it’s ok because he tried. This is how they learn. After a few other questions, you can ask the same child the same question again. Explain them they have courage for trying and they are learning. It’s ok to make mistakes in the beginning.
The teacher asks one child a question. The children have to be polite and first let the child think and give them time to give the correct answer. It’s not polite to already shout the answer if they know it.
The children need to control themselves and not shout the answer if they know it. If everybody would just shout out, it is really difficult to speak to each other.
The children can really help their friends with tips to find the right answer. Ask specifically about this. And reward the children that gave the tips also. This is what friendship is about.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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