Starting situation The children are spread over the whole tatami and facing you. Each child is on one tatami, which they can't leave.
Description 1. You will tell the children a story. The story has certain movements in them, which you as a teacher will do as well;
2. The children need to copy you as fast as possible, but can't move from their tatami;
3. The story: You are walking in the forest. This means stepping on your place. The children must also step at their place. Suddenly, you look back and see there is a hunter! (The children must mimic you, so also look back and see the hunter.) The children need to start running on the same place, faster and faster! Until the runner goes away;
4. After that there will be obstacles in the forest, e.g. a tree so they need to jump, a river so they need to swim, etc.
5. If the children fail to do a movement or many go out of the tatami, the story will start all over again.
Security rules/tips It’s forbidden to move to another tatami.
Variations of the exercise You can give challenges to the children individually. For example, ask one child to see if the shark is gone with binoculars (that they mimic with their hands)
Teachers tips/comments - When you are giving instructions, always use the story. It will make it much easier to follow your instructions and keep their concentration. - Story example: They are walking in the forest. At some point they see a rock, so they need to jump over it to continue. After that they see a wolf, so they need to run faster. To escape the wolf, they have to cross the river so they need to swim. - Let everybody close their eyes when the wolf or hunter is there. One child can go and look around to see if he is gone. The child will decide if the wolf is gone or not.


Age from 4
Age to 5
Materials -
Format Individual
Skills General motor skills
Judo techniques -


Build in some moments of rest in the exercise to check how everybody is doing. If they are not succeeding or struggling, explain that if they keep trying again, they are really brave and have courage. If they keep trying, they will eventually get better and succeed.
If the children have their eyes closed, they have to trust their friends and not open it. As soon as they open it, they don’t respect their friend. Because they don’t respect their friend, the walk in the forest will start all from the beginning.
The children have to stay in one tatami. Explain that when they have a lot of self-control when they keep focused on the game and don’t leave their tatami.


Author IJF Judo for Children Commission



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